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Youngsville is an iconic city with a unique and exciting history. Founded in 1839, the city’s original name was “Royville,” named after its founder Gabriel Roy. However, it eventually came to be known as Youngsville after a prominent local family. This picturesque small town with its population of around 14,000 is full of character and culture; with several historic landmarks located here, such as the fascinating Youngsville City Hall, which was built in the 1920s. Clearly, this charming town offers its residents a memorable experience steeped in rich history and tradition.

Youngsville has experienced significant growth in recent years, as many people have moved to the area for its high quality of life and strong community spirit. Sugar Mill Pond is one of Youngsville’s most popular neighborhoods. The city is known for its excellent schools, thriving business community, and abundant recreational opportunities. Overall, Youngsville is a vibrant and growing city that offers a great quality of life for its residents.

Acadian Landscaping and Tree Service is proud to serve the citizens of Youngsville and its surrounding areas. We bring our years of experience in landscaping and tree care services, making us one of the most trusted companies in town.

Our goal is to help create a beautiful outdoor space for each home or business that will last for many years.

We Are Here to Help

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    Step 1: Contact Us

    Simply reach out to us via phone, email, or our online contact form with your landscaping needs. Our friendly customer service team will gather the necessary details and promptly schedule an appointment.

    Step 2: Assessment and Quotation

    We will arrive at your location (always free of charge), speak more with you, and provide you with a transparent quote. We’ll explain the process and answer any questions you may have.

    Step 3: Professional and Timely Execution

    Once you approve the quote, our team will get to work. With our expertise in landscaping, we’ll ensure the job is done efficiently and to the highest standard. 

    We provide dependable services at a competitive price.       

    Contact us today to learn more about how Acadian Landscaping and Tree Service can help you create the perfect outdoor space in Youngsville.

    Top Sights

    Youngsville Sports Complex
    Youngsville Sports Complex
    Rouses Market
    Rouses Market
    Sugar Mill Pond
    Sugar Mill Pond

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our team is experienced in working with the local climate, soil conditions, and native plants in Youngsville. We consider these factors when designing and maintaining landscapes to ensure they are beautiful, sustainable, and suitable for the region’s unique environment.

    We can design and install landscapes that require minimal upkeep by selecting low-maintenance native plants, installing efficient irrigation systems, and incorporating durable hardscape materials that withstand the local climate.

    Yes, we provide seasonal landscaping services specifically designed for Youngsville climate. Our services include spring and fall cleanups, winter landscape preparation, and seasonal planting strategies to keep your landscape looking vibrant and well-maintained throughout the year.

    Absolutely, our team consists of highly trained and qualified professionals with the necessary skills and expertise to deliver top-quality landscaping and tree services. This includes certified arborists, landscape designers, and irrigation specialists.

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